All you need to know about us

We are often asked this question about our name, “What’s Virtuenix“. We proudly say that is an amalgamation of two words: Virtue, which stands for ‘Excellence’ and nix means to ‘never compromise’.

This represents our aim to work in excellence with our business partners and implement solutions based on industry standards, best practices, technical expertise, and extensive real-world experience.

The boomerang in our logo represents the relationship we have with our business partners, ‘What we give, comes back to us.

Virtuenix is a Salesforce® Consulting partner that helps to implement with more than 14 Salesforce® platforms. We help businesses create and customize CRM software, develop apps and service.

About Us Virtuenix


Our core values believe in deliberately bringing technology into businesses, not just using it because it’s there.

Customer Centric

We are committed to customer success, delight them with solutions and services they may not have thought of.


Keeping customer relationships alive, takes work and that always helps us to deliver more than expected.


Dedicated to transforming your vision into reality through Salesforce CRM solutions and services.


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