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About Us Virtuenix

Our dedicated Salesforce Practice combines strategy, creative and user experience consultants with deep Salesforce technology skills to drive business transformation.

System Architecture Design

Our Designs, Your Values

We choose to deliver a highly customized experience to our customers, and partner on various salesforce platforms.

Our business architecture connects business strategy to effective implementation and operation

  • Translating business’ strategic aims to implementations
  • Defining the consequences and impacts of strategy
  • Isolate focused business outcomes
  • Identify the changes and deliverable that achieve business success

We follow a structured approach to analyzing the operation of an existing business function or entire organisation with a perspective to improve its operations or developing a new business function, a strong focus on processes and technology.

Key Features

The underlying tenets can be quickly grasped and understood by individuals throughout the organization.

Enabling good quality decisions about architectures and plans to be made, and enforceable policies and standards to be created.

Every potentially important principle governing the management of information and technology for the organization is defined.

Every step in this process is carefully chosen to allow consistent yet flexible interpretation of design.

An amendment process is established for adding, removing, or altering the structure after they are ratified initially.