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Service Cloud

If your company deeply cares about the customer service, then Salesforce Service Cloud is what you should go for

Customer Always First

Service Cloud is a customer service and support application. It helps keep your customers happy and your support team sane, whether your customers reach out to you by email, phone, social media, online communities, or real-time Web chat.

If your company deeply cares about the customer service, then Salesforce Service Cloud is what you should go for. These tickets will be received by your service agents. Salesforce Service Cloud helps you in tracking and solving these tickets efficiently.
This is not the only way how you can transform customer experience. Let’s dig deeper and see how Salesforce Service Cloud is creating an impression.

  • Improve Agent Productivity

Using Service Cloud, agents can work from anywhere. With the easy management options available (such as web-based application, mobile device, knowledge base), the agent productivity is enhanced leading to reduction of overhead costs of agents.

  • Better Customer experience

Customer relations are drastically enhanced – connecting one to one with every customer via live agents. You can increase your customer loyalty, satisfaction and customer retention, leading to repeat business from existing customers, increase in LTV (Lifetime value) of your customers, positive word of mouth for your brand.

  • Security

Your data is completely safe and secure with the Service Cloud platform. It follows a multi-layered approach to protect the information which is vital to your business.

  • Leverage Social Platforms

You can also interact with your customers on social media such as Facebook or Twitter in real-time.

  • Case Tracking

Tracking helps you in faster case resolution. This leads to better management of a person’s day to day activities and manual errors are drastically reduced.

Key Features

Get all the information from customer profiles, case histories, to dashboards by giving them a unified platform.

Connect to a Service agent via the web in real time while providing multilingual support allowing a real-time 1:1 chat instantly from any device.

Handle cases on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Omni Channel enables automatic routing of work items to the most appropriate and available agent ensuring that high priority work always receives immediate action.