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About Us Virtuenix

Our dedicated Salesforce Practice combines strategy, creative and user experience consultants with deep Salesforce technology skills to drive business transformation.

Experience Cloud

Collaborating and Engagement is Important

Connecting and collaborating with customers, partners, and employees is critical to every business. Our experts help in implementing custom branded secure and controlled data access social collaboration platform for customers and employees.

Community Cloud Solution Benefits
  • Business Integration
  • Branded Community
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Knowledge Base and Q&A
  • E-commerce
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Data Sharing
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • File sharing
  • Community Groups
  • Chatter Collaboration

Key Features

Platforms, however, can significantly reduce this administrative burden. By serving as a single pane of glass for all deployed and created APIs, this kind of integration platform simplifies management, security and overview processes.

Businesses typically have no one to turn to for help. APIs made by outside parties might offer user guides and documentation. We have in-house experts that can be called upon if necessary. This level of support can go a long way toward ensuring that a business is getting the most out of all of its APIs and other IT investments.

New apps can be composed in the exact same way. Through the use of an API integration platform, teams can quickly and simply connect disparate technology or expose existing integrations as APIs or micro services to bring new apps to market.