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About Us Virtuenix

Our dedicated Salesforce Practice combines strategy, creative and user experience consultants with deep Salesforce technology skills to drive business transformation.

Data Architecture Design

Manage Every Inch of Data

Our Data architecture is the comprehensive strategy we share with companies to govern their collection, storage and use of all the data important to a business. While it requires significant up-front planning and can be difficult to prioritize, we never underestimate the value of restructuring your company’s data architecture into a more streamlined, logical setup.

We successfully move your data to a more integrated system that will save you time and resources and allow you to dedicate more time actually analysing the data you collect.

We provide real data analysis with actionable takeaways to improve business decisions.

With a comprehensive plan in place, analysis of this kind is not only possible, it’s highly achievable. After a good structure and flow of reporting, we consider how to build in room for iterations

So that the evolving business doesn’t get stuck with an outdated model or analysis capabilities.

Steps we follow for the best data structure:

  • Assess Tools and Systems and How They Work Together
  • Develop an Overall Plan for Data Structure
  • Define Business Goals and Questions
  • Ensure Consistency in Data Collection
  • Select a Data Visualization Tool
  • Reporting and Analysis

Key Features

Working closely with the business side requires guarantees that data not only be of value, but that it is also well-vetted.

A key rule for any data architecture these days it is not wedded in any way to a particular technology or solution. Our key is to design a data environment that can accommodate such change.

A modern data architecture needs to be built to support the movement and analysis of data to decision makers and at the right time it is needed. Our solutions cover both the above points.

A modern data architecture recognizes that threats are constantly emerging to data security, both externally and internally. We guarantee security.

With our master data management repository integrations, the enterprises have a single “Valuable copy” that synchronizes data to applications accessing that data.