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Salesforce – Informatica MDM 360 Integration

Salesforce – Informatica MDM 360 Integration

The client is, a global enterprise networking company, provides sales and support to business customers and their distribution and reseller network.  As a result of significant growth and acquisition, customer data has also grown above and beyond the current data management processes.  A Customer Master Data Management solution will reduce the amount of duplicate data found in the core systems (SFDC, Oracle/ERP, and Zyme/POS) and increase the overall quality and usability of the data.


  • Steady State MDM 360 Informatica Integration update process

The schedulable process is required by C360 – SFDC integration implementation for the nightly loads. As part of that, the process is iterating through the records coming from the initial response and based on the match records has been inserted/updated at once.

The same logic used for consuming the merged/records used in the Initial Data Update section will be used for the steady-state update process.

  • Initial Data Load Process

Purpose of the Initial Data Load module is to make MDM 360 Party and Salesforce Accounts data in Sync. There is no sync process in two systems to make data most complete. Automated process to make both the systems up to date has already been covered as a part of MDM 360 Steady-State module. In this module (Initial Data Load) the party already residing in salesforce accounts object is old and not in sync with the MDM 360 system.

Informatica360-Salesforce Integration
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  • To make MDM 360 Party and Salesforce sObjects data in Sync with high data quality and validation based on business rules.
  • Implement automation process to trigger the process based on the frequency selected.
  • Implement Data security and integrity between both systems.
  • Data cleaning and migration between core client systems/services (SFDC, Oracle/ERP, Zyme/POS).


  • Establish and setup communication between multiple systems.
  • Implement validation based on complex client requirement and high level of complexity in existing business rules.
  • Spot check the data and log exception with proper logs.
  • Implementation of retry rules to re-visit the data between multiple systems.
  • Configurable dynamic process to change the frequency of process run based on the requirement and amount of data.
  • Data clean up and migration as part of initial data load process.

Implemented Solution

MDM 360 shares a WDSL file which is to be consumed by Salesforce to get the meta data required for web service integration. Once WDSL2APEX class is created in Salesforce, make changes in class so that payload is acceptable by C360.

A Schedulable process will be scheduled to run in every 24 hours to make communication with MDM 360 to make salesforce sObjects in sync based on the match and business rules defined in the system.

A process to call the Siperian Service to get the all BO records created/updated in MDM 360 in last 24 hours. Get all records from 360 MDM and pass it to Steady State batch to process based on salesforce match and business rules defined in the system.

MDM Steady State batch is responsible to process all records in batch to avoid any maximum callout limit in salesforce. Once data is available from response, match the object details in Salesforce with the returned data. Apply rules to it and then insert/update in object. Components to parse the XML MDM response and run the business rules for DML.