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Implementation & Migration of Existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to Salesforce Platform

Implementation & Migration of Existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to Salesforce Platform

Salesforce implementation and Migration of existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to SFDC Platform in addition with various advanced CRM functionality for complete automation.

The project was to design scalable architecture, handle huge data (existing and new) as XXXXXXXXX is a premier global investment bank which handles banking, finance and capital markets for corporations, institutional investors, asset managers and governments around the world. The overall aim is to introduce operational effectiveness of Salesforce CRM.

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  • Clients, child clients, contacts etc. All this information is scattered at different systems(legacy/cloud) segregated at different complex levels (region, association types, terms etc.)
  • To provide Seamless Integration/Sync between Salesforce and third parties (SQL Server, SAP, Siebel)
  • Make Salesforce as Single Point of operation for users to perform business operations, view reports etc.


  • How to communicate, authenticate with third party applications? (every application has its limitations)
  • Organise the fetched data from these applications to reflect proper linking while viewing it as a whole bundle in Salesforce.
  • To avoid complexity at database level while doing this make sure there is no duplicate/redundant data is inserted in Salesforce. These chances are high as data is coming from multiple systems.
  • Provide a consolidated view and User Interface for users.
Migration from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Salesforce Platform

Implemented Solution

  • Design SF Architecture only after getting to understand and inputs from all related applications with the help of their respective architects.
  • Integration using REST calls (inbound/outbound) to connect to third party platform.
  • Consume endpoints hosted by 3rd party applications and Authenticate platform using API key (Options like Oauth)
  • For Salesforce User Interface implement Client-side architecture wherever possible with the help of Salesforce Synchronous and Asynchronous Ajax Calls.
  • As this is data intensive application, using Client-side architecture reduces response time & thus speeds up the performance by 3X,4X and even more.
  • Rich Modern Look and Feel for GUI. Users find it very interactive and love to use.