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Pardot Implementation

Case Studies


Pardot Configuration for email marketing for a Marketing Company to execute extensive marketing campaigns.

The project was to design scalable marketing campaign structure and detailed flow for the client. The Client is a marketing giant working with service Industry, Real-estate and technology with expand all over the US. They required a tool to reach out to every potential customer and maintain connection with the customer.


  • Creation of Marketing campaign with Email lists on the basis of Email send Schedule.
  • Mass Import of Leads/Prospects and creation of Suppression List (List of non-email leads) as well as creation and management of each campaign uniquely and independently.
  • Making Pardot single point of Email Marketing tool for each and every type of Email Campaign.


  • How to create and keep each Campaign Independent? (All customer type is different hence the way we approach is unique)
  • Creation and Maintenance of Unique Prospect list with no duplication for each campaign list.
  • To keep the process simple and convenient for the client with least amount of efforts involved.
  • Keeping out the uninterested leads who do not choose to opt out themselves.


  • Creation of Different Campaign with the suitable Email Lists at Separate destinations under a single source for each Campaign.
  • Creation of separate Email Lists of prospects/Leads for each campaign. Avoiding the duplicates using different parameters like unique email and Company as check criteria.
  • Creation of single source of Suppression List (non-email contacts) who do not choose to opt out but are not interested also. The suppression list was different for all campaigns.
  • Configuration of Standard reports on the basis of Email opens and other parameters. Creation of a summarized report for the comparison of different campaign.
  • Creation of Simple Engagement program for the Automated Email sending. It involved sending a set of emails at different durations while the campaign progresses. The engagement program also involved addition and removal of leads at different stages according to requirement and lead interest.